About Us.


About Us.

When they worked as educators, sisters Jenn and Kay would often hear newly engaged fellow teachers plan for their wedding day with feelings of both joy and apprehension. The apprehension would arise from the fact that not every couple has the means or ability to invest in high end planners, photographers, DJ's, etc for their big day. These future couples wanted what they saw in magazines or movies but didn't know how to logistically obtain it. This struck a chord with Jenn and Kay, as they believed that every couple, especially those who worked tirelessly with little reward, deserved a perfect wedding day. 

After a few years of working in events and photography independently, the two sisters decided to come together to create Medina Photography and Events. Jenn and Kay both had the same vision for our clients- affordable yet beautiful photography and event services. Over the past seven years, we have traveled both near and far to work with brides, families, and businesses, to make their event perfect.

We love being behind the camera. We love helping you plan and coordinate one of the most important days of your life. We love our clients. We love that you have come to visit this site, and we hope that we can work with you in the very near future.